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Do I need a Treatment Plant?

Good question. The answer is likely to be “yes” if you currently have a septic tank.

UK Government legislation – available here – states that septic tanks must not discharge to a watercourse, such as a river or a stream. You should also get professional advice to establish what kind of system you have and what needs to be done to meet current rules.

This also applies if you are looking to sell or purchase a property with a septic tank. The buyer and seller must agree on who will be responsible for the upgrade of the tank to a treatment plant as a condition of sale.

Why should I upgrade to -or install – a Treatment Plant?

Treatment plants can be installed for any premises – from a single house – right up to multiple premises. Here at MRL, we can provide the right treatment plant for your specific needs.

The main advantage of a Treatment Plant over older systems such as septic tanks or cesspits is that they are now the only drainage solution that is permitted by government legislation to discharge treated waste into a watercourse. 

Septic tanks and cesspits need regular emptying and although Treatment Plants will still need regular emptying of solid waste by a reputable service provider such as ourselves, this is on a far more infrequent basis than the less sophisticated and environmentally unfriendly alternatives.

Treatment plants can also be installed in different soil types without the need to ensure that the area they are placed has a porous enough composition to filter the liquid through a soakaway.

This is where MRL Drain Services can help.

We provide a full range of treatment plant installation services to domestic and commercial customers across Surrey, Hampshire and Berkshire.


Just some of the services we offer include

  • Survey of the existing installation

  • Best advice on next steps for your specific requirements – including affordability and compliance with current regulations

  • Old septic tank and cesspit removal

  • New government-approved treatment plant installation

  • Pumped and gravity outlets

  • Planning notification applications

Treatment Plant Installation

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